Truth VisualWe have had a new article accepted by eZineArticles this week. It focuses on a core tenet of our Foundations of Excellence employee development model: The Pursuit of Truth.

As Dave keeps emphasizing, the “pursuit of truth” is not about being honest in your dealings with fellow employees. Honesty is embedded in another aspect of Foundations of Excellence, building Unshakable Trust. (It also has a role in the third leg, Communication that Counts, so honesty is a universally useful!)

The Pursuit of Truth Mindset has strategic impact.

To quote from the article:

“Business decisions are built on information. Decision-makers gather that information from their staff, who gather it through their day-to-day work. The quality of that information drives the quality of the decisions made. A critical factor in any leader’s long-term success is therefore to make sure the information he or she gets is the truth, and not some distorted version of the truth filtered to match their preferences or prejudices. Well-thought-out decisions based on bad information will be bad decisions.”

In short: A corporation that can embed a mindset that seeking, sharing and valuing what is truly going on within the organization and out in its marketplace will gain a competitive advantage over rivals that are still struggling with hidden agendas, blame games and pre-conceived notions that go unchallenged.

This is hard work. Most corporate cultures give lip service to such openness, but still have leaders who have “seen it all” and use their own vast experience to guide their future actions. The risk is that their past experiences may be out of touch with a marketplace and workplace that reflects new realities. If their team isn’t full of truth-seekers and sharers, these leaders only learn of their errors once the truth “hits the fan.”

The good leaders are constantly encouraging their teams to winkle these trends out and share the news, good or bad. Even bad news can lead to good outcomes, so reward the messenger regardless, and send him or her out to get more!

Here is the article link.

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