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Your Fourth Quarter Leadership Mindset Reset

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October arrives shortly, which means the end of 2017 looms. You are painfully aware of this; much remains to be done before mid-December, when holiday distractions clobber productivity. And, within your list of urgencies your personal leadership development commitments still lurk. How can you handle the end-of-year rush and still progress in becoming a transformational leader?

Now is the time for 2017’s final leadership assessment and reset!

  • How has your leadership ability grown over the last nine months?
  • How do those old January self-improvement resolutions look? What recommitments did you make in June that still need attention?
  • Have the commitments been neglected, or have you found the time to nurture them?
  • What action can you take over the next three months to keep progressing?

Let us get you started with a few ideas that can help reset and refocus your leadership mindset:

Help Leadership Skill CTAGive yourself credit. Your professional improvement plan is a journey, with breaks and side roads included, so everyone has had mixed results. Your year-to-date results probably match up reasonably with those of your peers.

Be honest with yourself. Do not give yourself credit for progress when you haven’t made much. That leads to working on the wrong issues.

Ask for honest feedback from others. Start some conversations about what behavior changes collaborators have seen in you. Open yourself up to good and “constructive” input without being defensive. Do not allow peers and employees to reinforce your bad habits by holding back true feedback out of a concern for offending you. Let them know that your self-esteem is tied up in the obtaining of the new habits, not retaining the old. Give coworkers clear permission to be frank (pursue the truth)!

Celebrate the good news! You are a better leader today than you were nine months ago.

Reassess your key resolutions. Where is the progress, and where are you hitting roadblocks?

  • What habit changes have you achieved that have improved your effectiveness as a leader?
  • What are the two or three key habits you still need to change to lead yourself better, and then lead others better?
  • What can you do this Autumn to embed the positive habits that will continue to make a real difference in your productivity?

Refresh your mentoring or coaching relationships.

  • Have you forged strong coaching or mentoring relationships?
  • How well are you using your coach or mentor?
  • Could that resource use an infusion of attention and energy?
  • Offer to set up a cross-coaching or mentoring partnership, especially if your short list of desired habit changes resonates with a professional counterpart.

Re-energize your “Forward-Thinking, Action-Oriented Leadership Mindset.” 

You can do this!!!

The bottom line: You still have time to progress toward your 2017 leadership improvement goals. Reset, refocus, recommit and restart your program.

Let us know how we can help make the last three months of 2017 highly productive, and even satisfying! Plus, we can offer thoughts for getting 2018 off to a roaring start. Planning for that starts in October (look for our blog posts about that early next month.)


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